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Masisi Bridge Repairs

  • Original two portal culverts was unable to handle flood waters and subsequently the road over toppled by flood waters in 2012.
  • Large section of the National road R525 washed away and subsequently access to the National Kruger Park – Phafuri Gate was severely disrupted.
  • A new 27 cell cast in-situ portal culvert was constructed complete with asphalt surfacing and pedestrian walkway.
  • Work involved fixing 142 tons of steel and placing 1115 m3 Site Batched Concrete in extreme heat.

Makhuya Retaining Wall

  • During the same floods of 2012 a large portion of the abutment fill on a bridge along the P277/1 was washed away making the bridge unsafe and impassible to any traffic
  • A new 87 m long by 6.5 m high retaining wall was constructed thereafter re-instating the road above.
  • Work involved placing 625 m3 Site Batched Concrete in four pours together with 1 520 m3 gabions and reno mattresses to protect the re-instated 26 800m3 fill.

Masisi to Mahkuya Road

  • This road was refurbished from a gravel to a surfaced road over a distance of 25.3km
  • Work involved :
  • Cut to spoil – 426 000 m3 from cuttings and roadway ( 85 640 m3 Blasted)
  • Cut to fill – 285 000 m3 to various sections of the road
  • Storm Water structures ( 1700 m) in sizes varying from 450 mm diameter to 3.6 x 3.6 x 4 cell precast culverts
  • Crushing and placing of stabilized sub-base and base (135 000 m3 over 25.3 km)
  • Surfacing the road with a double seal (252 000 m2 imported road stone)
  • All auxiliary works involved in road such as road marking, guardrails, signage, storm water channelling and v-drains

Minor Labour strikes which turned into Mayor Strikes due to Budget Kerbing and Forced

Work stoppages by Client themselves. High levels of heat was experienced during the day. Closes town for spares and services of goods and materials was 187 km away. Covid -19 lockdown and clients inability to commit to revised Budget.

Project Overview


Road Agency Limpopo

Date of Project:

Started: October 2015




Tri – M: Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers