Traffic Management Center - Senekal


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The project was for the upgrading of the existing Traffic Control Centre at Senekal and included the following aspects of


  • a new control and monitoring building
  • new public ablution facilities
  • installation of a new weighbridge
  • a new VTS pit
  • structural Steel Canopy over the weigh bridge and VTS pit
  • installation of piles at the ablution facility, building and elevated steel tank
  • water, stormwater and sewer reticulation system including an elevated steel storage tank and an automated borehole system
  • internal concrete and paving roads


  • Electrical and Electronic works, which includes lighting of the control and monitoring building, TCC site, treetlighting on the N5 and A200, installation of generators, lighting protection, and control and monitoring systems.
  • The control and monitoring system included vehicle screening systems on the N5 with weigh in motion scales nstalled on the N5 too weigh vehicles in movement and then direct them into the weighbridge site if overloaded.

  • The project was 15% completed by a previous contractor, which post a huge challenge to inspect verify and approve the work done by previous contractor
  • 2000m3 CRCP Concrete (continues reinforced concrete pavement)
  • Weighing and procecution system module

This module includes the software that is required for the weighing of vehicles, and subsequent issuing of fines should the vehicle de over its legal limit. Historically the prosecution software module would compile and issue traffic offenses in terms of Section 56 of the road traffic act, but for future , the system must have the facility to issue transgression notices via the eNaTIS and AARTO systems

Project Overview



Date of Project:

Completed August 2019