Tempe 1SAI Battalion - Bloemfontein

The Government of the Republic of South Africa: Department of Public Works

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1SAI Tempe is a major refurbishment of facilities and civil services.  The whole project consist out of 54 buildings that receives an overall refurbishment. 

This includes that all the buildings will receive new roof sheeting, the trusses are aligned for the new sheeting to be installed. 

The existing ceilings are stripped out, and new ceilings are installed.  The whole building is painted on the outside, and newly painted in the inside.  New floor coverings is installed depending on the demand.  Bungalows receive new vinyl tiles, offices receive carpets and overall hallways to receive ceramic tiles.  New doors are installed in the existing door frames. 

The whole building receives new galvanized plumbing pipes, and new sanitary fittings.  Existing boilers are removed and new geysers are

installed.  Basins and toilets gets replaced as needed, and existing basins are sent to be re-enamelled and re-fitted.  New cisterns for the toilets are also installed, as well as new urinals.  New electrical wiring, lights, plugs and switches are also installed.

There are 4 buildings which has been demolished completely, and will be re-built. New water and sewer reticulation system is installed, and the whole battalion receives a new

electrical reticulation installation. The existing storm water channels are removed and new “V-drain” channels are casted to give the battalion a new storm water drainage system. 

The fuel bay receives new earth works, and a concrete floor slab including a new steel canopy.

Ratel sheds receives new earthworks and concrete slabs.

The kitchen mess building is also a complete refurbishment with new wall paint, new sanitary

fittings, ceilings and floor coverings.  The kitchen equipment was replaced with new kitchen equipment.

The whole project is divided into phases.  The challenge is that we do not have access to all the buildings at the same time.  As the phases nears completion, the next phase buildings becomes available. 

We have to finish one building and hand it back to DOD, then DOD moves into the newly refurbished building, and the next building becomes available for scoping and work can commence.

Access between the buildings are a challenge as concrete trucks can’t always reach the desired location.

Project Overview


The Government of the Republic of South Africa: Department of Public Works

Date of Project:

Anticipated Completion Date: 09/02/2021