Strand Street Concourse - Cape Town

The City of Cape Town

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The scope of the works included the demolition of the existing Strand Street Concourse Mall below the intersection of Adderley Street and Strand Street in the Cape Town CBD,

upgrading of all mechanical, electrical and civil services, the construction of new shops and public areas, shopfronts, mall entrances including six new escalators joining the mall

below ground to the streets above at six different entrances.

Construction also included new security upgrades and entrances at Street level. The construction and upgrading required the following high volume materials:

  • Tiling - 5,500 sqm
  • Ceilings and bulkheads - 2,750 sqm
  • New fire protection pipelines – 22,500 m
  • New electrical cabling and equipment for 2500 lights
  • New bathroom facilities
  • Six new escalators
  • 23 new metal roller shutter doors (remotely operated)

The installation of the escalators was very challenging, since the existing escalators had to  be demolished and removed through the mall to the only entrance where the escalators can fit through approx. 200m away from their original position. The area was too small for the use of vehicles or mechanical plant, hence the old and new

escalators had to be moved along the mall corridors on special rollers and hoisted into position from gantries set up at street level at each entrance.

The new escalators were imported and required a delivery lead time of six months.

b.) Another challenge was liaising with existing shop tenants, like Woolworths, during the construction period for access and demarcations.


a.) The upgrading of the concourse mall included the installation of new vinyl cladding for all support columns inside the mall, which supported Strand Street which passes over the mall. The vinyl cladding looks like stainless steel cladding, built around a timber frame supported against the concrete columns.

Project Overview


The City of Cape Town

Date of Project:

Started: March 2017, Completed: June 2018




Lukhozi Engineers (Pty) Ltd