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Project consisted of relocating and existing sport facility from one location to a new one due to a shopping centre development expansion. The first portion of this project consisted of clearing 7.4 Ha in preparation of the new sporting grounds which included an earthworks operation comprising of cut to fill operations of 68 000m3. New bulk sewer lines, water lines, storm water lines and cable ducts were installed in preparation of the buildings to follow.

Once the platforms were completed the construction of a new 726m2 rugby club house facilities, 289m2 netball club house and 85m2 public ablution facilities started. Furthermore the construction of new grassed rugby field including a 240m2 pavilion seating area, 12 jukskei fields, 1 soccer field and initial earthworks for 3 netball fields were also completed.

1) Contractor had to cut to fill 27 000m3 into isolated platforms prior to constructing the two buildings in question, this all in a 4 month construction period.

2) Quality of the fill materials salvaged from the previous sports ground were of inferior quality and forced the engineers to re-design the building platforms, footing designs and structural integrity of the buildings to suite the materials.

3) Excessive rain experienced over the construction period and materials absorbed water, thus making it difficult to proceed on filling platforms after a rainy day.

4) Professional team committed to dates with their client even though they themselves did not believe it being realistic.


1) Worked longer shits with and even implemented double shifts to produce building works in shorter times.

Project Overview


MDSA/Masingita Properties

Date of Project:

Started: December 2018, Completed: October 2019