Signal Hill Reservoir - Mthatha

O R Thambo District Municipality - Amatola Water

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Prestressed Concrete Reservoir

  • Earthworkds-  Reservoir foundation
  • Subsoil Drainage - Drainage system under structure
  • Concrete works  - Ring beam Base, Floors, Walls, Columns, Roof slab
  • Pipe Specials – Pipe work to be installed to existing connections, cast in items on outlet, inlet and scours Chambers
  • Prestressing- Cable method
  • Out and Inlet Structures - Inlet and outlet, scour Chambers

Delays: Covid -19 lockdown, Re done Foundation and Drainage system of Structure & Community Strikes


1) Site was previously run by two people who both left the employment of RWC and left critical works to be completed / done by inexperienced staff. Subsequently the G2 base had to be re-built at our own costs, not just money loss but time loss too.

2) Site is situated within a community that is split in two sections and each section wants his or her own share, let alone the individuals arriving on site and demanding work for his or her SMME company. Site has had its first strike due to miscommunication by clients representatives towards the community.


1) Since the project is so limited with scope the only areas to save money will be by negotiating revised rates, fixed rates prior to contract period or looking for alternative suppliers. And this is what we have done - saving an additional R300 000 on post tensioning sub-contractors.

2) Investigating alternative shutter designs in order to save on time and money are one priority, however materials available within the area will have to be taken into consideration.

Project Overview


O R Thambo District Municipality - Amatola Water

Date of Project:

Started: 15 Jan 2020




Ron Beard Associates, Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers