Qolweni Housing Development - Plettenberg bay

Western Cape Department of Human Settlements

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The building site is currently occupied by approximately 256 families, approximately 40 living in wendy houses and the balance in shacks. The approximately 256 families are made up of 174 qualifiers and 82 non-qualifiers. 

A temporary relocation area (TRA) on the 'Minnaar' site, has been serviced and approximately 140 relocation units (wendy houses} will be available. The plan is to relocate the qualifier families from the shacks into TRA units and non-qualifiers into wendys on the old soccer field area as well as to Infill sites in the surrounding areas. 

Qualifiers In surrounding areas will also be moved into the TRA on the 'Minnaar site' Non-qualifiers from the building site will then be moved into the wendy's vacated by the qualifiers referred to above.

 In the event that the above qualifiers occupied a shack, the shack will be demolished and a wendy (elsewhere demolished) will be erected for the non-qualifier families to be moved into. 

Once a big enough area has been cleared construction of the top structures can commence. 

When top structures are completed, approved beneficiaries are to be relocated into the completed units. As TRA units become available the balance of the families in the shacks to be relocated to open up the balance of the site. The work to be planned in such a way as to concentrate construction in contained areas to minimise interference with 

occupied areas. 

Project Overview


Western Cape Department of Human Settlements

Date of Project:

Started: August 2021