Primary Health & Early Childhood Development Daycare Centre - Athlone

College of Cape Town

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Project consisted of clearing an area of 12’782m² which included tennis courts, netball courts and a swimming pool. Platforms and new services were installed and a tremendous amount of form-and concrete work was needed for a stable structure which was built on sand with a water table of just short of 2m below surface level

The total facility which consists of two double storey buildings for the PH and ECD with two ablutions, a single storey Day Care Centre and three out buildings i.e. a Guard house, a Meter room for electrical connection and a Pump house equipped with a backup diesel generator for the fire reticulation added to a

total contract value of R85 000 000.00

The facility was built with state of the art simulation rooms for monitoring students and children in the Day Care Centre and Primary Health facility and is believed to be the first of its kind with hopes for many others to follow.

Project Overview


College of Cape Town

Date of Project:

Started: November 2016, Completed: December 2018