Maluti Military Base - Matatiele

Department Public Works and Infrastructure

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The work include all link civil and building services, which are required to serve Maluti Military base (SANDF) in Matatiele. These will include Water reticulation, Sewer outfall, and Booster Pump station construction, and new Borehole pump house.

The description of the project as described in this section is merely an outline of the contract works and shall not be regarded as limiting to the amount of work to be done by the contractor under this contract.


  • New 1500 m 3 reinforced concrete reservoir.
  • New water reticulation system to the extend shown on the drawings issued.
  • Upgrading existing Pump station by installing of two new high lifts pumps capable of delivering +- 112m3/h and 80m head.
  • Drill, test and equip new borehole. The borehole equipment to include treatment and disinfection.
  • Removal and disposal of all existing asbestos cement pipes.


  • Pressure cleaning of existing sewer reticulation.
  • Clearing of blocked outfall sewer, re-construct of backfilled manhole, and re-alignment of outfall sewer pipeline.
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing wastewater stabilisation ponds.


  • De sludging of the existing Ponds
  • Construction of the new detention Ponds.

Rain & Community Strikes

Project Overview


Department Public Works and Infrastructure

Date of Project:

Started: 30 May 2019




Ron Beard Associates, Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers