Makro Warehouse - Pietermaritzburg

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The previous Makro Warehouse was destroyed during the Kwazulu-Natal riots in July 2021. The incident left the shopping centre closed for over 17 months, causing significant disruption to the area.
Ruwacon was tasked with constructing the Warehouse from scratch in under 7 months. The project started on the 1st of April and the team received practical completion on the 28th of October. The store was fully operational in time for the grand opening on the 23rd of November. The Warehouse has been referred to as 'Project Phoenix' because it has been reduced to ash and rubble, but thanks to our team it has risen from the ashes, better and bigger than before.
By doing so, Ruwacon was able to showcase its ability to deliver results under pressure. The team had to work extended hours and weekends to meet their deadline. Ruwacon ultimately overcame these challenges and delivered the Warehouse to the client on time. The team has utilised innovative design and construction techniques to complete the building within record time.
The approximately 12 000m² Warehouse with a value of R216 371 000 is a structural steel portal frame under steel roof sheeting. Within the Warehouse are three Mezzanine Floors for offices and other support areas for the Main Trading Floor. The external hardstand areas for parking and back-of-house areas to be used for deliveries is approximately 18 000m².
The Makro Warehouse rebuild is an important milestone in the history of the area. It signifies the resilience of people in the area, as well as the strength of the construction and design industries in South Africa. The rebuild will provide significant benefits to the people of the region, including improved shopping experiences. The newly built Makro Warehouse will be a symbol of hope, investment, and progress for the region.

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Capensis Investments (Pty) Ltd

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Completed: December 2022