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The scope of the works entailed the construction of a new service station including a quick shop including a 100m asphalt national road section behind the service station. 

Construction of the forecourt included the following:

1. The forecourt consists of 4 lanes of pumps with allowance made for a 5 th lane in the future

2. A large canopy covers the 4 lanes with a section leading to the quick shop.

3. The forecourt and area around the quick shop was designed in a way that vehicles can drive around the building for easy of access.

4. A 100m asphalt road also formed part of the scope of works

Construction of the Quick shop included the following:

1. Corner Bakery which sells fresh baked goods such as pie’s and sandwiches

2. Ablution facilities for clients and differently abled persons

3. Open floor with all sorts of goods and snacks including walk in fridges and freezers for cold drinks etc. 1 ATM machine with designated safe room for ease of access

4. Staff changing rooms with a staff canteen as well as staff ablutions, refuse room and backup generator also form part of the quick shop building.

5. Two offices for management including a store room and server room make up the rest of the building space.

a.) Engen’s licence to fill diesel / petrol expired on the 6 th of August 2018 which entailed that the forecourt and pumps had to be working by the above mentioned date. This only left 3 and a half months to complete all civil works including the canopy and the structure of the quick shop that supported the canopy.

b.) This was especially difficult due to a low water table, very sandy conditions and also it being the rain season which made excavations and civil work progress slow.

c.) The late appointment of Engen’s direct sub-contractors meant the canopy installation could not progress simultaneously with the civil works and other contractors which in turn made working around the forecourt for finishing strenuous as everyone had to complete their tasks at the same time.

d.) With the careful planning to cast the canopy bases before time and allowing boxed areas, the rest of the civil works could continue without waiting for the canopy columns to be installed.

e.) A big paving team were appointed which sped up the final finished road area that made a big difference on saving time.

Project Overview



Date of Project:

Started: April 2018, Completed September 2018




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