Khotsong TB Hospital - Matatiele

Department of Health

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Construction of the new 120 bed Khotsong TB Hospital in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Hospital is a 120 bed TB facility built in three sections, the scope of which are as follows; 

Section 1 (Duration of 18 months)

Block A (Administration, Cafeteria, Pharmacy, Radiology, Consulting, OPD, Clinic and Laboratory Building), Block B (Multi-Drug Resistant Ward), Block F (Services Building – Maintenance Workshop, Laundry, Kitchen, Waste Management and Mortuary) and Gatehouse. Bulk Services (secondary) installation including water supply, sewer reticulation, stormwater, and drainage reticulation. Electrical reticulation and installation to all blocks (main supply on-site). Mechanical reticulation and installation to all blocks. Excavations and earthworks to create new platforms for the new buildings, Walkways, Service channel, Service yard, Landscaping, Commissioning, Relocation of end-user into phase 1 to allow phase 3 to start. 

Section 2 (Duration of 12 months – floating)

Block C (Male Ward), Block D (Female Ward), Block E (Paediatric Ward), and Block G (Recreational, Chapel and School Building) on existing constructed platforms. Electrical reticulation and installation to all blocks, Mechanical reticulation, and installation, Walkways, Service channel, Bulk Services (secondary) installation including water supply, sewer reticulation, stormwater and drainage reticulation, Landscaping, and Commissioning.

Section 3 (Duration of 18 months commencing after section 1)

Demolitions of existing buildings, Block H (Staff Housing Accommodation), Parking and Roadworks, Bulk services (secondary) installation including water supply, sewer reticulation, stormwater, and drainage reticulation, the construction of general link roads, Electrical reticulation and installation, Mechanical reticulation and installation, Renovations to existing buildings and Landscaping improvements.

One of the major achievements on this project is the successful introduction and completion of an SMME development programme, hailed by the Coega Development Corporation as the best of 42 projects in progress in the Eastern Cape at the time. To date 47 SMME contractors have been appointed, ALL of them having successfully completed their respective contracts.

Work to the value of approximately R 106 million had been executed by SMME contractors, exceeding the R 95 million contractual target. All but three of the SMME contractors appointed were in the CIDB Grade 1 category and by the completion of their respective contracts were assisted in their application to Grade 3 level. To date four of them have received CIDB Grade 3 certification. A series of compulsory bi-weekly workshops was introduced on this projects for SMME contractors, consisting of modules covering all aspects construction, projects management, quality control, finances and human resource management.

The programme furthermore made provision for the invitation of SMME contractors that successfully completed their initial contracts to tender on packages in higher categories, and in the process six have completed their contracts after being reappointed to packages in the CIDB Grade 3 category. A series of workshops had also been conducted for local unemployed matriculants and some of them have been successfully integrated into the SMME contractors’ management structures.

Project Overview


Department of Health

Date of Project:

Started: 1 November 2017




Architects – TV3, Studio Isithuba Architects, R&G Group of Consultants
Civil Engineers – Isivivane Engineers
Structural Engineers – Sivest
Quantity Surveyors – R&G Group of Consultants
Mechanical Engineers – Spoormaker & Partners
Electrical Engineers – Lesedi Consulting
Landscape Architects – Msavheni
Health & Safety – EMPOWERisk