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Bitumen road services have reached the end of their life cycle at the Garden Route Mall and, as such, need to be replaced with concrete panel roads. The Scope of Work includes lifting 30mm of asphalt and 150mm of the base course.

Thereafter, if required, the existing sub base has to be lifted and re-worked with CBR greater than 45, compacted to 95% Mod AASHTO, max size of 63mm and a PI less than 10mm. Subsequently, 180mm of microfibre reinforced concrete is placed with a roller brush finish. A total of 3450m3 of concrete is to be placed during the 6-month project duration.

Ruwacon has set its own target completion date, making the timeline very tight. To reach the target we have set for ourselves we need to pour an average of 36m3 of concrete every day. 

Furthermore, the concrete has no steel reinforcing and is cast straight on top of the base (meaning no tensile strength from steel and fast curing times as there is no DPM assisting with moisture loss). Therefore, XT microfibres have been added
to provide extra tensile strength, as well as assist with reducing the initial shrinkage of the concrete. To further assist with initial shrinkage, Ruwacon has added Chryso’s Omega122S in the concrete mix design and we cure the surface with a suitable curing compound.

Instead of using the normal rebar dowels at construction joints, Ruwacon has
implemented a diamond dowel system, thereby reducing construction time significantly.

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Attacq Retail Fund

Date of Project:

Started: 9 February 2022