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The project consisted of 3 Phases. Ruwacon was a part of each phase, starting with the construction of a Water Resevoir during Phase 1. 

Phase 2 consisted of a 63 bed TB Facility which is designed in such a way that most of the rooms are naturally ventilated, thus reducing the need for mechanical ventilation.

Phase 3 was completed in 2014 and consisted of the construction of an Admin block, OPD, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Centre, Mother’s Lodge, Male- and Female wards, Peadiatric Ward, Maternity Ward, Radiology department, Labratory, EC ward, ICU ward and Theatres. 

The main hospital has a capacity of 95 beds, and a total of 158 beds including the TB Facility.

Project Overview


Department of Public Works

Date of Project:

Started: 2011, Completed: 2014