D'Almeida Sportfield Boundry Wall - Mossel bay

Mossel bay Municipality

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Mossel Bay Munlcfpallty Intends to replace the existing approximately I 100 m boundary wall around the D'Almelda Sportlleld. This is a multi-year project with an expected completion date on or before 30 June 2022. 

The contract comprises the following: 

Break down, remove and dispose of existing approximately 2,4m high concrete/block wall. 

Construct new prestressed concrete panels/columns.

The proposed system comprises the following:

•Min. 2.4 m high above ground level. 

•Standard precast panel size is 6 m x 1.2 m spanning horizontally. 

•Panels are fixed in place with precast / ln-situ concrete columns on concrete footings. 

•To prevent "under dig" a minimum of 570 mm of the proposed wall will be underground. 

Replace existing block retaining wall section with new concrete-filled cavity 370 mm brick wall.

Related works.

Established and de-stabilizing site two times. 

Project Overview


Mossel bay Municipality

Date of Project:

Started: September 2020