Amatole District Municipality

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The construction includes the following:

  • Spring protection measures and supply lines to the water treatment works.
  • Supply lines from various boreholes to the water treatment works, incl valves, chambers and the likes
  • Various appurtenant works related to the construction and operation of the reticulation


1. We complete the project on time and within the budget. The client increased the scope after obtaining further funding.

2. We got the backing of the local community and successful complete the project through teamwork

1. Accessibility to the boreholes and working areas – some of the areas could only be reached by foot and therefor material were delivered to a certain point and have to be carried by foot. Some areas we had to fill dongas and make access roads to be able to reach these areas.

2. During the rainy season this was a lot worse and some areas was then unreachable for days and we had to adjust our program and work in other areas

Project Overview


Amatole District Municipality

Date of Project:

Started: September 2016, Completed: December 2017