Borehole Infrastructure Installation - Citrusdal & Clanwilliam

Cederberg Municipality

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The scope of work comprises the supply and installation of new borehole pumps and motors at both sites


a) Construction of a new 735m x 110mm dia HDPE water pipeline

b) Construction of a new 75m x 50mm dia HDPE water pipeline

c) Tie in into existing BH-pipeline with the construction of new valve chambers


d) Construction of a new 45m x 40mm dia HDPE water pipeline

e) Construction of a new 240m x 75mm dia HDPE water pipeline

f) Discharge into existing Jan Dissels Furrow with the construction of gabion cage outlet structures

g) Localised repairs and upgrading of the Jan Dissels Furrow

The above work will further entail :

General Civil works

  • Clearance of the routes and sites and removal and preservation of topsoil and gravel in roadways
  • Excavation of trenches, including support and protection of existing services
  • Laying, bedding, jointing, testing of new pipelines
  • Installation of pipes across gravel roads by trench excavations
  • Connecting to new pipelines to the existing system with minimal disruption to service delivery
  • Construct concrete pedestals for suspended pipe section, crossing stream
  • Backfilling, top soiling and restoration of work areas
  • Vandal proof high concrete security tower, with elevated reinforced concrete platform for Solar panels installation and Telemetry installation
  • Temporary scaffolding for the construction of the elevated concrete platform

Building works

  • General building works for constructing valve chambers and small borehole pump houses

    Mechanical and Electrical works

  • Supply and installation of new borehole pumps and motors, as well as associated pipework and valves
  • Design, supply and installation of electrical works
  • Design, supply and installation of telemetry instrumentation
  • Design, supply and installation and connection of Solar panels

Project Overview


Cederberg Municipality

Date of Project:

Started: June 2019, Completed: January 2020




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