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Black Mountain Mining

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The project is divided into 2 Phases:

The earthworks phase included both materials and workmanship to complete the following works:

Roads for light & heavy vehicles which are either paved or concrete roads as per client specifications.

Final earthworks were also performed for foundation preparation.

The concrete works phase is divided into the following areas of construction: Thickener, Ball mill, Stockpile, Filter press, Main plant, Pipe racks MV & MCC Buildings, Road loading station and general concrete works.

The project requires blinding, formwork, reinforcement, and bolting. Ruwacon was also to supply, place, finish, and cure concrete to specified strength and finish in foundations, column and tank plinths, walls, floors, drain sumps, manholes, valve boxes and roads.

Project Overview


Black Mountain Mining

Date of Project:

Started: November 2021