Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) – Cluster 1

Department of Basic Education

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Compiling the tender document based on the approved Site Development Plan before appointing the design engineers created huge integration management challenges. Based on the designs a lot of changes to the tender document was necessary. New items were added and some unused items had to be removed.

Through teamwork and negotiations we managed to overcome this challenge (actually the client also had to approve any changes with cost implication before incorporation and implementation

Having five projects / sites within the project poses huge planning and logistical challenges.

a) Programming of work

Having a seven month construction period completing the work on five remote sites required effective planning as the scope of work had to run concurrent to complete on time. With the drawings issued not correlating to the Bill of Quantities, we needed to re-measure all drawings to quantify all items before programming and procurement of material.

Effective scope management is very important to any project as changes to original drawings do happen.

The Department of Basic Education as client used the Joint Building Contract Committee (JBCC) series 2000 Edition 4.1 March 2005 to effectively deal with all Contractual matters. All commercial issues was dealt through the contract i.e. notifications of delays, claims for extension of time, etc and with proper knowledge of the JBCC contract successfully dealt with

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Department of Basic Education

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Completed: August 2019